In the beginning... the world was created so we could all go fishing.
We’d like to think so.

Over three decades in refinement, TIAMAT Lures are now available to anglers worldwide.

Using material from the aviation industry and the finest paua shell sourced from around the globe, TIAMAT Lures are handcrafted using superior components and expertise not normally found in the tackle industry. The final product is elegant, displays flawless craftsmanship and is highly effective at catching fish.

Tiamat Lures - Premium Skirted Trolling Lures

TIAMAT Lures Range

Tiamat Lures - Dear Henry Series - Best Hawaiian Lures for Marlin and Tuna

Dear Henry Series

Tiamat Lures - Dear Joe Series - Best Skirted Trolling Lures for Marlin and Tuna

Dear Joe Series

Tiamat Lures - Jostle Series - Trolling Lures for Marlin and Tuna

Jostle Series

Tiamat Lures - Thrasher Series Collection

Thrasher Series

Tiamat Lures - Swagger Series - Collection

Swagger Series

TIAMAT Skirt Range

TIAMAT skirts are the most vibrant and dynamic skirts on the market today. Featuring exclusive colours, matched with a few old favourites as expected by experienced anglers, UV-NexGen technology, these skirts will offer another dimension to trolling lure composition not seen previously.

TIAMAT Colour Schemes

Every angler has a preferred trolling lure colour scheme.
We’ve got you covered with an extensive range of variations that you will find highly productive.
All skirt combinations combine the exclusive UV-NexGen technology.